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1. Introductory provisions

1.1. General Business Terms and Conditions (hereinafter the “business conditions”) regulate the rights and conditions gained upon entering or registering at the website (hereinafter the “website”) between the operator of the website (hereinafter the“operator”) and the user of the website (hereinafter the“user”). We divide the users into three groups, registered provider of erotic services (hereinafter the“provider”), properly registered customer (hereinafter the“customer”) and non-registered visitor (hereinafter the“visitor”).

1.2. The operator is the sole owner of the website and all its contents.

1.3. The operator is not an intermediary, but he provides the opportunity to access and use audio and video streaming between the customer and the provider, independently on the operator. The tokencustomer is paying the provider for the service and the operator is getting a commission for providing the technology, without interfering in the transaction. This payment model does not correspond to the payment model mentioned in the Czech Republic law č. 284/2009 Sb., as mentioned later in the business conditions.

1.4. The operator is not responsible for the actions, statements, nor for the behavior of the provider. The provider is broadcasting on his own responsibility.

2. User account

2.1. Upon entering the website, or registering to the website, the user agrees with the business conditions and declares, that he fulfills following conditions:

I am of full age and have legal capacity,

I enter this website voluntarily and without any compulsion,

I will not allow third party to enter the website,

I will not use the website on public spaces, where it could be interfering with the law or disturbing to others,

I will not break the copyright of the operator, I will not copy, record or otherwise preserve the contents of the website and I will not publish the contents either,

I am not in labour relation with the operator.

2.2. Entering and registering at the website is not recommended for anyone who might get offended or upset by the contents of the website.

2.3. After registering on the website, the user can access his user interface (hereinafter the “account”). Customer can buy tokens from the user account.

2.4. The user is obligated to enter all his information correctly and truthfully, especially his email address, which is used to contact the user. The operator considers all the information in the user account correct. Any changes or breaking of any of the conditions 2.1 has to be reported to the operator.

2.5. Access to the user account is secured by a login and a password. The user is obliged to keep his access information secret.

2.6. Each user can only have one account.

2.7. The operator can deactivate a user account, namely if the user breaks business conditions or is inactive for over a year.

2.8. The user takes note that his user account can be inaccessible at times, namely for maintenance of hardware and software of the operator or third parties.

2.9. Any user can deactivate his account by sending a request at If there is no money being owed by the user to the operator, the account will be deleted within 5 business days.

3. Token payment model

3.1. The token payment model allows the customer allows the user to pay the provider for his services and the provider to pay the operator for the audio and video technologies.

3.2. The customer is buying the tokens in order to pay the services of a provider. The tokens are added to the account of the user after a payment has been done. The operator does not own the tokens, he only manages the tokens and makes sure the tokens get transferred to the providers account and takes a commission for providing technologies.

3.3. The website contains information about the services, including prices of tokens. The prices of tokens remain valid while they are being displayed on the website.

3.4. To buy tokens, the customer need to fill a form containing:

- payment method

- amount of tokens bought,

3.5. The customer can buy tokens using these methods:

- bank transfer,

- credit card payment using payment gate Zombaio.

3.6. Each customer has an token account created and managed, into which he can pre-purchase tokens. The customer can see how many tokens he has in the account on an info panel.The tokens are reduced from customers account based on services consumed.

3.7. To enter the mode „private chat“, „fully private chat“, „group chat“, „spy chat“ and „join group chat“ there is a minimum token amount left in the account of 5 tokens.

3.8. The pricing of services can be seen in the profile of the provider.

3.9. If the customer does not use his tokens for a full year, starting from last purchase of tokens, his tokens will go void. The user can ask to have his tokens valid for another year by emailing the operator.

3.10. The customer cannot return tokens to get money back, once the transaction is complete.

4. Rules describing behavior of the users

4.1. The users are not allowed to share personal information between each other.

4.2. It is prohibited to promote competitive websites on the website, or to share commercials.

4.3. The users are not allowed to order sexual services not included in the scope of the website.

4.4. It is prohibited to offend other users, unless the users agree upon such behavior.

4.5. It is prohibited to talk about users and or providers who are not present in the chat.

4.6. Users are prohibited from copying, recording, photographing or making the contents of the website public.

4.7. It is prohibited to show child pornography or sexual deviancy (for example zoofilia).

4.8. The users are prohibited from using a third party software to access the portal, or to manipulate the user account in any way.

4.9. By registering, the user agrees to be randomly checked by a rude or inappropriate behavior detecting systems, or by a system that is detecting attempts to communicate outside the website. Inappropriate message will be blocked or deleted.

4.10. The operator reserves the right to evaluate the severity of the offense and to choose consequences accordingly. The operator can block messages, restrict the user from accessing the website, or even delete user account completely.

4.11. If the operator is under a threat of legal recourse as a result of the user breaking business conditions, the operator can issue a fine to the user up to CZK 100.000,-.

5. Rights and duties of the provider

5.1. The provider needs to abide by all the rules applicable for the user.

5.2. During the broadcasting, the providers are only allowed to present themselves and objects necessary for the broadcasting.

5.3. The provider is obliged to provide services according to the description, shared by the provider on the website.

5.4. When accepting and during the call on private chat, fully private chat and group chat, the provider needs to be present in front of his webcam unless there is an agreement negating this between the provider and the user.

5.5. During the broadcast, no animals, persons under age or persons other than the provider can be present, not in the view and nor in the background. This point stand for all broadcasting options

5.6. Both the customer and the provider can turn off the private chat, fully private chat and group chat at any time.

5.7. The provider is entitled to a payment for every second of the private chat, fully private chat, group chat, spying chat and tips. The minimum number of chips for payment is 1,000.

5.8. The operator is obliged to reimburse the full amount to the provider on the specified account of the provider within 5 working days after the request for payment if the number of chips is higher than 1,000, then it is sent from the operator’s bank account.

6. Personal Data Protection

6.1. The personal data of the User (individual) are protected in accordance with Act 101/2000 Coll., on personal data protection, as subsequently amended.

6.2. The User agrees with the processing of the following User’s personal data: first name and surname, address, date of birth, knowledge of foreign languages (hereinafter the “Personal Data”).

6.3. The User agrees that the User’s activity shall be recorded and stored for the period of 30 days, including the video, audio and text materials.

6.4. The User agrees that the User’s personal data shall be processed by the Operator for the purpose of the operation of the User Account.

6.5. The User hereby acknowledges that the User shall provide true and correct personal data (for registration and in the User Account), and that the User shall promptly inform the Operator about any changes in the User’s personal data.

6.6. The Operator may appoint a third party for the processing of the User’s personal data. The Operator must not share any of the aforesaid personal data with third parties without the User’s prior consent.

6.7. The personal data will be processed over an indefinite period of time. The personal data will be processed automatically in an electronic form or manually in a printed form.

6.8. The User confirms that the provided personal data is true and that the User has been advised that the personal data has been provided voluntarily.

6.9. Should the User have a suspicion that the Operator or a third-party processor (see Article 9.5) process the User’s personal data in conflict with the principles of the protection of the User’s privacy or personality, or in conflict with the applicable legislation, especially if the personal data is incorrect with regard to the purpose of their processing, the User may:

- seek explanation from the Operator or the third-party processor,

- request that the Operator or the third-party processor remedy the deficiencies.

7. Commercial Communication and Cookies

7.1. The User agrees to receive information related to the Operator’s services at the User’s email address, and agrees to receive the Operator’s commercial communication at the User’s e-mail address.

7.2. The User agrees to having cookies stored on the User’s computer.

8. Rights Arising from Defective Performance

8.1. The operator is not liable for defects caused by the provider to the customer. They are responsible for defective performance of the chip payment system and the registration process.

8.2. The operator only offers Internet technology and is not an intermediary, see section 1.2 of the business conditions. The user has no legal claim to the application of defective performance.

8.3. The user can contact the operator via email which will indicate the user name, a description of the unsatisfactory performance and time of the event.

8.4. The operator makes a decision regarding the user’s claim for defects within 5 working days. The user will be informed of the decision via e-mail.

8.5. The operator is not responsible for the performance and range of services provided on the website by the provider. If the customer gives notice of the discrepancy by email, the operator will try to eliminate the inconsistencies and erroneous fulfilment of services by arrangement with the provider. If this is not remedied by the provider, the operator is entitled to impose a fine up to 1,000 CZK to the provider and cancel the provider’s account.

9. Final Provisions

9.1. The Business Conditions may be changed or amended by the operator. This provision shall not affect the rights and obligations arising after the effective period of the previous version of the Business Conditions.

9.2. These Business Conditions and relations arising between the user and the operator shall be governed by Czech law if they contain an international element.

9.3. If any provision of the Business Conditions is invalid or ineffective or becomes invalid or ineffective, instead of the invalid provision there will be a provision whose meaning is closest to the invalid provision. The invalidity or unenforceability of one provision is without prejudice to the other provisions.

9.4. The operator is obliged to notify the changes in the Business Conditions on the website and inform the user of the change via email.

9.5 Operator: COLORLIVE, Bezrucova 1191, 765 02 Otrokovice, Czech Republic

9.6. The Business Conditions are effective from 1. 11. 2016